The focus of this Alumnae plough-back effort is solely to the advancement of the school’s academic programmes as well as the improvement and development of its infrastructure. The 50TH Anniversary Celebrations were therefore, an important step in realizing these objectives.

The alumnae were involved in coordinating the entire program, making added commitments to raising funds toward the start of the upgrading of the physical structures of the school. Spearheaded by the Alumni, the program seeks to inspire the attainment of higher academic qualities and extra-mural achievements among the learners. This is to be done through the promotion of the culture of teaching, learning and research work while seeking to improve the structural face of the school.

From its pool of more than 20 000 former students, the Project desires to commit at least 1000 of these so as to raise R1 000 000 a year for five (5) years in its First Phase efforts. Once underway, the Project will expand into more than 2000 alumni members. However, it cannot succeed without the major support, participation and joint collaboration of the Business community including the members of the society all playing critical roles in the rebuilding of the lives of former disadvantaged communities through education and recreation. In such efforts, this particular venture also works to curb the plague of drugs, alcohol abuse and addiction among students; to eliminate the school drop-out rates of students at this school, as well as controlling and reducing crime rates in the community.