The legacy of Mzomhle High School in Mdantsane is the history of accomplishments of not only the former students (alumni) of this school but that of the people of this Township, of East London and of the Eastern Cape province as well. Reflecting on the professional roles, impacts and personality of the products of this school, its history therefore spills over to the entire country and globally.

Its fame is acknowledged through its academic excellence, superb sports accomplishments and other extra curricular activities. No one can deny that the school has produced many Medical Doctors, Senior Professional Nurses, Company CEOs, Chartered Accountants, University Lecturers, School Teachers and Principals, Parliamentarians, Lawyers, Judges, Public Sector leaders, Political leaders, Trade Union leaders, City Mayors, Councillors, Religious Ministers, Engineers, distinguished Business persons, Musicians, etc. many of whom are undertaking their careers and expertise across the country and oversees.

As the first high school in Mdantsane and through its remarkable teachers’ commitments to service, Mzomhle High School has always, through education, made its mark in curbing crime and poverty, and in curtailing alcohol and drug-abuse among students and youth. Without beating its own drum, the school is well-known country-wide in having produced sportsmen of note-Rugby Springbok players, National Boxing Champions, national athletics champions in field and track events, National 100m amd 200m record-holders, Professional Choral, Opera and Jazz Musicians, etc. Except for the professional musicians, all these other feats were realized while all these champions were still at this school: a noteworthy mark in a disadvantaged school without resources, facilities, equipment, or professional trainers and instructors. Only talent and determination triumphed here!

In all its achievements and its history of existence since 1966, the school has never celebrated any one of these milestones in the years leading to this 50th Anniversary. Nor did it ceremoniously honour the achievements of its former students and teachers. Mzomhle’s first known principal was Mr. OS Bomela, a great Mathematician whose knowledge and skills were picked up by many students that came through his hands. Together with other teachers of high note in their subjects, this school became known nationally, as a quality school where “Maths-and-Science”, “History and Geography” as well as “Languages” maestros are produced. A perfect school model it was!

The call for the active involvement of communities is a call to the former students who had experienced the life of being students in this school to play prominent roles in resuscitating the lively undertakings of their alma mater. This is the primacy Mzomhle School Improvement and Development Project. Since its inception in 1966 (50 years old the year, 2016) the school taking the least guest of 400 students per annum, has produced close to 20 000 alumnae. These are the former students who are beckoned to come together in a bid to commit themselves to the desired improvement of physical, academic and sporting activities of their former school.

Towards the celebration of this 50th Anniversary milestone, the school chose the last week of September to engage in various activities to honour and celebrate its life.The occasion will also mark the launch of its association of alumni called the Mzomhle Alumni Support Project (MASUPRO), together with its development action plan in the format of School Improvement and Development Programme (SIDP).

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