Mzomhle High School is one of the best | specializes in excellence | Has high passing rate | has wonderful activities

Its fame is acknowledged through its academic excellence, superb sports accomplishments and other extra curricular activities. No one can deny that the school has produced many... read more

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Mzomhle High School was established as a co-educational, comprehensive secondary school. The school seeks to achieve excellence in all areas of school life, provide opportunities for all students through a flexible, adaptive and inclusive curriculum, develop knowledge and competencies appropriate for employment, leisure and lifelong learning, develop individual student.
Self-esteem, self-discipline and responsibility, and provide a safe,

Co-operative learning environment. Mzomhle High School has established a reputation for outstanding achievement in all areas of school life.

Our Mission

We stand by our motto, “Unity is Strength”. It is through unity and commitment of parents, students and teachers that we shall be able to reach our vision. We exist to provide an effective and efficient service to our learners so that they can develop their full potential. We also exist to promote positive teaching and learning culture.

Our Vision

Mzomhle should be a school, which is known for its legacy academic excellence. The school promotes a global vision for its educators and learners. We stand for unity, respect, trust and model citizenship.